5 International SEO Tips for Targeting a Particular Country

The wide usage of eCommerce stores globally has created a tremendous opportunity for small to mid-sized businesses to sell their products or services worldwide. To help you optimize your search ranking in specific countries, we have come up with five SEO best practices you can use. Check them out!

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WordPress Security

6 Tips for Strengthening Your WordPress Security

By powering approximately 40% of all content management systems (CMS) worldwide, WordPress has emerged as one of the top CMS platforms in the market. WordPress is versatile, easy to use, and open source which means that it’s completely free. While WordPress offers a wide range of benefits, it has some areas for improvement. One of them is website security. WordPress, amongst other popular CMS platforms, has some innate vulnerabilities that create opportunities for hackers to maliciously enter a website. To strengthen a WordPress site’s website security, you can use our recommended approaches!

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