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Why Choose Us

Digital advertising is at the core of what we do at RW Digital. We strive to help brands engage with their target audience through online advertising platforms. Our team specializes in social media advertisement as well as search engine marketing on channels such as Facebook and Google.

The RW Digital team can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals through our Google, Facebook, SEO and Google Analytics services. Contact us today to get a quote!

About Us

In a world with an abundance of information, we help make sense of your marketing data by joining the seemingly distant dots. Uncovering insights is the heart of what we do. Leveraging data and listening tools to understand consumer passion points, we help optimize web experience and campaigns, determine right use of technology, and enable creative messages to land in the right way. We combine equal parts science and art, along with top-level strategy and best practices to help you reach new business heights and brand impact.

What sets us apart

We do our research

We begin each marketing project with a customer persona and competitive analysis because we understand that each customer is unique. We begin all advertising projects with a competitor analysis to see what current ads are being run and market analysis of top trends and keywords being used.

Strategic approach

We specialize in Facebook and Google Advertising, but we also stay up to date on all of the latest marketing trends and strategic approaches to know what works best for your business.

ROI reporting

Know where your investing is going at all times! We’ll provide timely reports with key data points to ensure you know which channels are bringing in the most ROI. We’ll help break down the complicated data with easy to understand data analytics reports.

Full service

From design to reporting, the RW Digital team is here to help you launch and manage your full scale digital advertising campaigns so you don’t have to worry about them. Our team of dedicated digital marketing specialists will help to determine your needs and help you launch campaigns that will help you reach your business goals.

What Clients Say

"Ray is a true partner to our business. His experience in the dusty paired with his in-depth digital knowledge enables him to outline solid strategies to drive our business forward. In execution of those strategies, Ray is data focused. We set digital KPIs to evaluate our efforts and Ray produces reports for us on a monthly basis to outline how we are tracking against those metrics. Ray is easy to work with, proactive, positive, organized, and very well versed in digital strategy. I would highly recommend working with RW Digital."
Sandra Birnie
Group Marketing Manager, Cowell Auto Group
"As a non-for-profit charity, we have limited tools for marketing, but working with RW Digital has helped us get on the right track to optimize these tools and reach out to a wider audience. Ray’s professionalism along with his technical marketing knowledge and skills definitely make a difference when it comes to consulting services - audits, scopes, plans, and deliverables, all on point!"
Alex Montes
Marketing, Craft Council of BC
“Ray at RW Digital has been fantastic to work with. We found him after having a negative experience with another online marketer. When we looked at engaging Ray for his services, he was extremely professional and provided us with an overview of our search terms and keywords, as well as strategic plan to digitally market the company. We are a small kitchen remodelling company with a modest budget but Ray has been able to work with us to increase our incoming leads while providing guidance and testing along the way. I would highly recommend Ray.”
Jon Milstein
Owner, The Shore Decor

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