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What is an SEO Audit?

A SEO audit is the process of analyzing your website to determine how marketable it is. A proper SEO audit checks for site errors and determines ways to improve its performance to allow you to rank better on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a strategy for improving your website for search engine results. Most people will only look at search engine results that are displayed on the first page, so it’s important to optimize your website so it shows up as one of the top relevant results.

Whether you currently have an SEO strategy or not, having regular SEO audits help you to get real time understanding of how well your website is doing and how to get it to get top ranking on Google.

Why is an SEO Audit important?

Every website is different, and it’s important to have a custom view of how your website is doing. With an SEO audit, you will have a stronger idea of how to improve and implement a clear SEO strategy. 

Here are 7 key benefits of why you need an SEO audit today:


Stay on top of the changing algorithm

Search engines aim to provide the most relevant content for its users. It does so by using it’s algorithm to determine when and where the search engine shows a top-ranking site. 

Google’s search algorithm looks at many factors such as relevance and usability of a page, and goes through a rigorous process that involves live tests and search quality raters. To learn more about how Google’s Search algorithm works, check out Google’s How Search Algorithms Work.

Other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are also constantly updating their complex algorithm to provide better search results. You will need to be aware of these changes to keep your website up to date. 

In order to have your website as one of the top ranking sites on search engines, it’s important to follow the best practices and conduct regular SEO audits to determine areas for improvement. 


Improve website experience

Improving the overall website experience will help your website rank higher on SERPs. Google’s algorithm puts a focus on providing a great website experience to its users, so that’s why technical factors like site speed, mobile-responsiveness and usability are important for your website.

Site Speed

In order to improve your website speed, you can consider optimizing your images, compressing large files, minifying CSS, HTML and JavaScript, and reducing redirects.

Through an SEO audit, these key areas will be highlighted for your convenience.

Mobile Responsiveness

Due to the increasing number of users browsing websites on phones and tablets, Google is now enabling mobile-first indexing on all websites. This means that it will rank your website based on how well it is optimized for mobile usage first.

Websites that are not built for mobile-responsiveness don’t perform well in search results. It’s important to make sure the overall website experience is great on both desktop and mobile.

Through an SEO audit, the web pages that are not responsive will be highlighted so you can easily update them.

Outdated links and content

You may have website content that is outdated or contains broken links. With an SEO audit, you can feel confident that the content you have on your site is relevant and up-to-date. This will ensure your returning visitors will have a reason to keep visiting your website.


Increase searchability with title tags and meta descriptions

Having proper title tags and meta descriptions helps to tell search engines exactly what is on your website. It’s important that all web pages show relevant title tags and meta descriptions. 

Title tags are an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. It is displayed as the clickable text on search engine result pages and is very important for usability and displays on social media when the post is shared. 

Here’s an example of a title tag:

Vancouver SEO

Meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a summary of a web page. This is the text that shows up below the title tag on a search engine result. This influences the likelihood of someone clicking on your result, but does not directly influence your SERP ranking. 

Here’s an example of a meta description:

Vancouver Website SEO

An SEO audit can determine which pages require your more targeted keywords to use in your title tag or meta descriptions.


Understand your top keywords

What search keywords drive the most traffic to your website? With tools like Google Search Console and SEMRush, you can determine the top keywords that drive traffic to your website. You can also identify keywords that are most relatable to your product or services.

With an SEO audit, you can determine which keywords to focus on. Once you’ve identified the top keywords, you can use this to help your website rank for targeted search queries.


Get insights to your website traffic

Part of an SEO audit is to provide insights to how your organic website traffic is doing in comparison to market trends. Using Google Analytics, you can view website visitors by custom segments such as demographic data, traffic by channel and much more. This data can help you learn more about your website visitors and how you can engage with them. 

You can also determine how well your website traffic is doing in comparison to previous years, and determine if there are any areas of improvement. 

An SEO audit will help to determine if there are any outliers in your data, and determine the best course forward.


Drive more organic traffic to your website

When was the last time you scrolled past the first page of your search results? Most people will only look at the first page of a Google search results page, so it’s important to get the top ranking through organic SEO. 

Consider that those who have the top position on a results page will get 43.32% of the clicks compared to those in position 2 or 3 who receive 37.36% and 29.90% respectively. These numbers show that simply by ranking higher than your competitors, you will receive ~5% more website visitors.


Stay on top of your competitors

Whether you’re a small or large business, if you’re not on Google’s top page for your industry’s keywords, your competition likely is.

An SEO audit helps you discover how your competitors are doing compared to you. It helps to identify SEO activities that your competitors are performing well in, and areas of improvement for your business. 

It is likely that your competitor has an SEO strategy already, so it’s important to make an active effort to structure your SEO strategy with regular SEO audits. If you’re not doing it, your competitor most likely is.


Any business can benefit from having an SEO audit to determine areas of improvement, whether you currently have an SEO strategy or not. It is suggested that most companies should conduct an SEO audit between two to four times a year. If you are a smaller business with less content on your website, twice a year would be perfect. 

It’s important to have an SEO expert conduct an SEO audit to ensure that your website is optimized to achieve your goals. Having a proper SEO strategy creates credibility and has great long term benefits, but it’s important to check your website regularly. 

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