How Brand Discovery Is Evolving For Shoppers

Consumers use the web to seek answers, suggestions, how-to tips, and stay updated on topics they’re interested in. With the easy access to mobile devices or desktops and the ability to search for information online or scroll through images or feeds, using the web to gain info has never been easier. This easy access to the web has shifted how consumers discover brands online, according to a new Google and Ipsos research.

According to the research, 76% of online users enjoy making unexpected discoveries when shopping and 86% of online users seek shopping ideas and inspiration when browsing online.

More, nearly 75% of respondents agree that they’re always on the lookout for brands and products that are related to them.

73% of respondents have become more interested in brand or product after seeing an ad that’s related to what they’ve been shopping for.

85% of respondents take actions such as reading reviews, comparing prices, or purchasing the product within 24 hours of discovering a product.

In addition, nearly 60% of respondents have discovered their favourite brands while:

  • Catching up on news feeds
  • Watching videos
  • Reading emails
  • Browsing text on image-based search results
  • Surfing lifestyle website or mobile applications
  • Checking what influencers are saying

These insights suggest that companies must remain active online to remain on top of consumers’ minds and capture the audience’s attention. Whether it’s launching a creative YouTube or Facebook ad campaign, implementing a long-term SEO strategy, or developing new and fresh social media content weekly, brands need to be active online to stay relevant and become discovered.

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