Facebook Analytics and Insights: 5 Facebook Page Metrics You Should Track

Analyzing your Facebook page data will help you learn more about your Facebook fans’ consumer opinions and preferences. For example, you can analyze your Facebook page data to find out which product or content types your fans are most interested in. Once you’ve garnered these insights, you can use the information to improve and customize your marketing approaches to meet your customers’ preferences.

To access your Facebook page analytics data, click on More and then Insights.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Page Analytics

Here are five Facebook page metrics that you can use to gain insights about your Facebook fans:

1. Negative Engagements

Facebook Page Analytics shows you which posts users hide, report spam, or unlike page.

To gain these insights, click on Posts and the drop-down arrow on the right side and select Post Hides, Hides of All Posts, Reports of Spam, Unlikes of Page.

Facebook Page Hide Posts

Once you’ve made the selection, you can see which types of posts have led to post hides, hides of all posts, reports of spam, unlikes of page. Then, you can use these insights to adjust your content and marketing strategies in the future so there will be fewer negative engagements for your post.

Facebook Page Hide Post Engagements

2. Facebook Page Visit Trends

You can see the number of Facebook users who have visited your Facebook page within a specified timeframe.

To see this data, Click on Page Views and select a timeframe.

Facebook Page Views

You can use this data to see if you’re gaining online popularity from your digital marketing campaigns or if there’s a correlation between Facebook page views and sales.

For example, you can look at your Facebook page views as a metric to assess the effectiveness of a Facebook social influencer campaign. If the number of Facebook page views is relatively flat during the duration of the influencer campaign compared to before the influencer campaign, you can reckon that the influencer campaign has brought minimal online presence for your Facebook page and overall online visibility.

If you want to export the page view data, go to Overview, click on Page data, select a date range, and export data.

Facebook Export Data

Then, go to the Daily Logged-in Page Views and you can see the daily number of page views.

3. Facebook Page New Likes Trend

Another set of data included the exported data file above is the number of daily new likes. Similarly to Facebook page views, you can use Daily New Likes to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns or growth in overall brand awareness.

For example, if you’re boosting your Facebook posts, you can if your number of Daily New Likes has improved during the time when you’re boosting posts compared to the period that you weren’t. This comparison will help you assess the impact of your Facebook promotions.

Facebook Page New Likes

4. Engagement Based On Topic Type

Facebook also allows you to export data about your posts such as the number of clicks, comments, and shares your Facebook posts have generated within a specified timeframe.

To export the data, go to Overview and click on Post data, select Date Range, and click on Export Data.

Facebook Post Data

Then, open the Excel file and go to the Lifetime Post Stories tab and you can see the number of engagements each post has generated.

You can categorize your Facebook posts into different products or blog topics based on the text in the posts. For example, if you’re a fashion retailer, you can categorize your posts based on keywords such as “summer dress”, “sales”, or “shoes” into different product types. Once you’ve established the categorization, you can analyze each product type’s engagement and see which product type generates more engagement or website traffic. Gaining these insights will help you tailor your content to meet your audience’s interests.

Facebook Post Data

5. Keyword Frequency in Facebook Reviews or Comments

You can perform text analytics for your Facebook comments and reviews to identify popular keywords and topics within the comments or reviews. Once you’ve identified popular keywords or topics in the comments and reviews, you can use this discovery to improve your marketing or business operations.

For example, if you’re an automotive dealership, you can perform text analytics for your Facebook reviews to see which keywords appear most frequently. You may discover that a majority of the negative reviews (1 or 2 stars) contain the keywords “maintenance”, “mechanic”, or “repair”. This discovery helps you learn that you need to improve the service department by offering more training or support programs.

Facebook page data offer a breadth of consumer insights that will help you further optimize your marketing and business operations. By using the four analytics above, you can find out which topics or content your audience is or isn’t interested in, the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, growth or decrease in your overall online presence, and areas of improvement for your business operations.

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