4 Digital Marketing Tips For Retailers During The COVID-19 Period

1. Use The Daily Budget Setting Instead of Monthly Budget Setting For Google Ads Campaigns

We’re in an ever-changing time, needless to say. To stay on top of your Google Ads performance and budget, set your Google Ads campaign budget to daily budget instead of monthly budget and access your Google Ads account daily and see if you need to make any changes.

For example, If you see your cost-per-click is on a decreasing trend and the number of clicks or impressions is on an upward trend, you can consider increasing your daily budget to maximize clicks and ideally, sales. If you set your budget setting to monthly budget and you leave your campaign running on its own until the end of the month, you won’t be able to maximize your marketing results or minimize expenses accordingly based on daily trends.

2. Use Google Trends or Google Alert to Stay Updated

Google Trends is a Google-powered tool that lets you see different topics and queries people are searching for on Google search engine.

To provide users with the latest information and news during the pandemic, Google Trends has dedicated a specific section on its website for coronavirus-related news and topics.

These results are informative and useful. For example, Google Trends has shown that there’s been a +500% increase in searches related to “how to make hot cross buns”. If you’re a bakery, flour store, or grocery, you can create content related to cross buns to attract shoppers’ attention, drive them to your website or physical store, and convert the foot or website traffic into sales.

Google Trends News


3. Update Your Google My Business Listing

If your hours of operation (e.g. limited hours or closed) or service delivery method (e.g. curb-side pickup) have sure, make sure it’s reflected on your Google My Business listing.

As mentioned in our recent article, “5 Tips For Managing Your Google Ads Campaigns During COVID-19”, many shoppers now are performing real-time question-based queries to find out the hours of operation or business information of grocery, department stores, or local stores near them. For example, many shoppers are entering the search query “Is Target open today near me?” to find out whether the Target nearby them is open currently.

4. Perform Competitor Analysis on Competitors’ Ad Copy

Many retailers and local businesses are promoting unprecedented offers during this unprecedented time to attract as many customers as they can.

It’s useful for you to audit other retailers’ ad copy and offers and see if you want to match their promotions so you can maximize your sales.

A competitor analysis tool such as SEMRush offers easy-to-use competitor analysis features that lets you review competitors’ search ads and display banners, which often contain promotion information.

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