You Can Now Use Stories Ads to Start Conversations In Messenger

Ray Wang

Brands can now use Send Message as a call-to-action for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Stories ad and start conversations on Messenger.

Facebook Instagram Stories

You can now set your Facebook ad campaign as Messenger and your ads will have a Send Message call-to-action when the ads are shown on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger Stories.

When users click on the call-to-action, Facebook Messenger will popup and users can message the business that served the ad.

This new feature is useful brands to provide excellent customer service to social media users who are interested or have inquiries about the product, service, or events promoted the ad. Brands can use Messenger to quickly respond to inquiries such as “where are you located”, “how many are in-stock”, and “which days are you guys open”.

To use this new ad feature, set you campaign objective as Messages, as mentioned above.

Facebook Story Ads Messenger - 1

Then, create a new or use an existing messenger template.

Facebook Story Ads Messenger - 3

Facebook Story Ads Messenger - 2

Once you have set this up, you can launch your campaign and Facebook will serve your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Stores with a send a message call-to-action!

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