Digital Marketing Interview With Lincoln Lam, Digital Marketing Manager at Jim Pattison Auto Group

1. What are your top 5 analytics tools and why do you use them?

My Top 5 analytic tools currently are Google Analytics, Google Ads, Dashboard Studio, Klipfolio, and RTC Rapid.

Analytics for traffic, Google Ads for digital delivery, RTC for lead measuring, DataStudio and Klipfolio for dashboard reporting.

2. What is the biggest data analytics challenge you see automotive dealerships face?

There are so many channels to purchase a vehicle these days it becomes harder to attribute. With two-thirds of users not leaving a lead it becomes a challenge to measure. Shared digital data also has huge potential to connected and build better user experience and refine the shopping funnel between OEMs, Dealer Associations/Groups, and Dealerships.   

3. How do you determine which KPIs or metrics are most useful to your digital marketing?

Pull data out of the aggregate which has an impact with your marketing spend. For a lot of the data your digital marketing may actually not have any impact on. Spend the time on what you can improve. 

4. What are five key metrics you recommend marketing professionals measure for their digital marketing campaigns?

Impression share, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, lead sources changes, traffic channels changes. 

5. What are some trends you see in the digital analytics space in the next decade?

Voice search everything, more automation and integration of services together with personalized data. Everything ship/brought to you. 

6.  What are some digital marketing trends you see in the automotive space in the next five to ten years?

More data personalization in car shopping as vehicles become an extension for the driver. Machine learning to figure out what the next car recommendation would be based on user data i.e what they drove in the past, family size, affinity categories, income, routes they drive, etc. 5G will push a lot more data and potential in our phones and cars in the next few years. More auto brands building ecosystems that makes it more ‘sticky’ for user retention. (Think Apple iOS, hardware, apps, etc). Lots more opportunities to build digital experiences especially as we head towards autonomous vehicles which will increase more dwell time between our commutes. 

Lincoln Lam works as the Digital Marketing Manager for Jim Pattison Auto Group.  He has worked in the marketing for over 11 years and holds a Bachelors In Design from Emily Carr University. 

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