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What Is Google Ads Recommendations and Why It Matters To You

Ray Wang

Recommendations is a section in your Google Ads account that is dedicated to help you improve the performance of your campaigns.

Recommendations make suggestions by auditing your Google Ads account and perform the following analysis:

1.  Assess historical data and current online trends

Recommendations looks at your campaigns historical data and the current online search trends (e.g. search query trends or CPC for certain keywords) and make recommendations on how you can adjust your campaigns to improve performance (more clicks, higher CTR or conversion rate, etc).

2.  Recommend or remove keywords

If you have been using the same keywords for some time, Recommendations will suggest relevant keywords to bid on so you can target other prospective clients or adjust to new query trends. Conversely, if you have duplicate keywords in your keyword list, Recommendations will suggest you remove the duplicates.

While there is still a lot of manual data analysis required for effectively managing your Google Ads campaigns and finding actionable insights from your data to achieve better campaigns results (higher conversion rates or lower CPC), Recommendations provides high-level guidance on adjustments that you could to make to your Google Ads account and optimize your campaign performance.

If you have any questions about Recommendations or data analytics techniques to effectively analyze your Google Ads data, please contact us at or submit a form below.

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