6 Creative Ways to Use Facebook and Instagram Story To Promote Your Brand

The massive usage of Facebook and Instagram has made Facebook and Instagram marketing increasingly vital to a business’ digital marketing. Facebook and Instagram feature such as Facebook or Instagram Story are particularly useful for social media marketing because companies can use Facebook or Instagram story to engage with its audience and promote new offerings.

If you are looking for new creative ways to use Facebook or Instagram Story to promote your brand, check out these six ideas!

Product Launches

Use Facebook stories to feature your latest product launch to generate online awareness and develop buyer interest for the product or service.

For example, Volkswagen used Facebook Story to promote its VW Jetta Turbo to its Facebook fans and included a link in the story to an information page so prospective buyers can learn more about the vehicle by swiping up the Facebook story.

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If you are a retailer, technology company, or a professional services firm, you can use Facebook story to showcase behind-the-scenes at your company. For example, if you are a fashion retailer, you can use Facebook story of photoshoots or the production process. This creates excitement for your prospects and customers because they can gain more vibrant and dynamic insights about your company and develop a stronger emotional bond with your brand.

Employee Account Takeover

Let your employee to take over your Facebook or Instagram and showcase their day in the life at your company. The employee can showcase the dynamic environment at project meetings, fun team lunches, and wonderful amenities such as coffee shops or restaurants near your office.

Doing this will help personalize your brand and help your company enhance your connection with your customers.

How-To Tutorials

Use Instagram or Facebook stories to showcase how to use your product or provide tips. For example, if you are an automotive dealership, you can use Facebook or Instagram story to teach viewers how to put on a spare tire. If you are a fashion retailer, you can teach viewers different styles you can dress up using the same outfit.

How-to tutorials are excellent at establishing thought leadership and create useful information to your prospects and customers so they develop a positive attitude and view towards your brand.

Instagram Q&A

Want to learn about your viewers’ thoughts about your product or service or a topic you want to discuss? Use Instagram Q&A! After you upload a video or image onto Instagram story, swipe up to see Instagram story features and select QUESTIONS. Once selected, enter the question you want to ask!


Similar to Instagram Story Q&A, Facebook and Instagram Polls let you ask Instagram and Facebook fans on their polls about a specific topic. For example, you can use polls to ask your fans which new your fans are most excited about or areas your business can improve on. Once you have gathered the results, you can use the information to better your business operations, purchase inventory that’s more likely to be in demand, and improve product features.

Facebook or Instagram Story are powerful tools to promote your products or services and gain market insights. If you have any questions about the article, please feel free to get in touch via form below!

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