Adapt Digital Google Data Studio Setup



Adapt Digital is a boutique online marketing agency in Calgary. They have excelled in working with companies in industries such as: insurance, home builders, community developers, renovations, tourism, and e-commerce.


Marketing and Advertising


One to five employees


Google Data Studio

These are screenshots from Google Data Studio template reports and not from Adapt Digital’s reports.


Adapt Digital wanted to automate its digital marketing reporting process by using Google Data Studio and using the Google-powered reporting solution to import data from different data sources, aggregate data automatically, and display the data using data visualization charts and custom metrics and scorecard.


RW Digital developed Google Data Studio reports by first importing Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook ads data using the built-in data source connector and a third-party tool. Then, RW Digital created blended data, custom field calculations, filters, and segmentations and dynamic charts, tables, and scorecards to segment and show data for specific metrics. More, RW Digital used regular expression to rename fields such as conversion goal names and utilized data visualization charts such as time series and bar charts to display digital campaign performance.


Adapt Digital now has accurate automated interactive digital marketing reports that the agency uses to show digital marketing performance data to internal team members and clients directly. The agency does not have to spend a vast amount of time and resource to manually import data into spreadsheets and create reports each month.

Ray is fantastic to work with. He is very professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the final project is polished and complete. This task we collaborated on was very technical and complicated, however, Ray’s determination to get the project to the finish line was impressive. He is very responsive, collaborative, and quick to act on requests. We really enjoy working with him!
— Chantelle Scoular, Director Client Strategy