Why Intent-Based and Personalized Mobile Searches Are the Future of SEO

Instead of searching for generic terms such as “running shoes” or “Nike running shoes” Canadian shoppers are searching for personalized inquiries on mobile search.

What does “personalized inquiries” mean? It means that more and more Canadians are including “for me” or “for [an activity] in their search queries. For example, search query such as comfortable shoes for travelling has increased by 170% in the last few years.



Yup – an increased number of Canadian shoppers want results and answers that are highly relevant to them.

Other types of search queries such as shampoo for ___ (e.g. shampoo for highlighted hair” are up 80%.

“For me” mobile search has grown by 50%. For example, more Canadians are searching for “best car insurance for me”.

Queries that include “should I ___” have also grown by 80% in the last few years. Examples include: “should I go vegan”, “what should I get for lunch” and “how often should I wash my hair”


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