The 4 New Google Ads Features That Everyone Must Know

Google has recently announced a multitude of new ad features that will help companies reach more targeted audiences, enhance ad interactivity, and drive more local actions.

Amongst all the updates, here are the four upcoming and current releases that will impact digital marketing significantly:

1.  Discovery campaigns

Discovery campaigns let you serve ads on YouTube home feed, Google Discover feed, and Gmail promotions tab.

The targeting is based on Google audiences: interest, in-market, affinity, and custom intent audiences.

To create discovery ads, write several variations of headlines and descriptions and upload image assets and Google’s machine learning technology will find the best performing ad variation automatically.

2. Local campaigns

Local campaigns are designed to drive more store visits. Local ads are served and optimized automatically across Search, YouTube, Maps and websites and apps in its ad networks.

Google Discovery Ads


By launching a local campaign, drive foot traffic to your retail store and measure the number of times your ad has been shown, the number of call clicks, the number of times people have clicked on the “Get Direction button”, number of website visitors, and number of store visits.

Local campaigns are particularly beneficial to local retailers because now they can now measure the impact of their digital marketing in relation to foot traffic and final sales.

To use local campaigns, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have multiple physical store locations in eligible countries. Ask your account representative if store visit conversions are available in your location.
  • Receive thousands of ad clicks and viewable impressions.
  • Have a Google My Business account linked to your Google Ads account.
  • Create each of your store locations in your Google My Business account.
  • Have at least 90% of your linked locations verified in Google My Business.
  • Ensure location extensions are active in your account.
  • Have sufficient store visits data on the backend to attribute to ad click or viewable impressions traffic and pass our user privacy thresholds.

Store visit conversions are available to a limited number of Google advertisers.

3. Bumper Machine

Google’s Bumper Machine tool uses machine learning to create six-second bumper videos using existing video ads that are 90 seconds or less.

Bumper Machine finds more well-structured moments in a video and identifies elements such as human characters, motion, sharpness of the focus and quality of the framing to develop bumper ads.

The new feature is beneficial for companies with limited resources because the Bumper Machine creates and delivers bumper ads for you.

According to Google’s research on 489 bumpers campaigns, 61% of bumpers campaigns drove a significant increase in brand awareness, with an average lift of 9% across all campaigns. On ad recall, they performed even better, with analysis of 605 studies showing that 9 out of 10 achieved an uplift, with an average increase of 38% across all campaigns.

4. Gallery ads

As discussed in my previous article, gallery ads are carousel mobile search ads that let you show between four and eight images in your ads. More, you can write a tagline up to 70 characters for each image.

In addition, you can write three different headlines (above the carousel images) for split-testing by offering three different value propositions.


According to Google’s test so far, gallery ads generate 25% more engagement (clicks and swipes) than standard text ads.

There you have it – four incredible new advertising features that will help you reach more targeted audiences, improve online interactions and generate a better return from your digital advertising.

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