Support Local Vancouver Businesses During Pandemic

Ray Wang

Many small businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, and coffee shops are taking a major financial hit during the pandemic. A great way to support our favourite local businesses is by purchasing gift cards.

By purchasing gift cards, you’re immediately helping local businesses with their cash flows so they can sustain their businesses and employees.

There are two websites currently have lists of participating restaurants and coffee shops that offer gift cards or e-Gift cards.

First one is Breaking Bread Now.

It's a central online hub to share which restaurants across British Columbia and beyond are offering dl, TAKE-OUT, CURB-SIDE PICK-UP, MEAL PREP, GROCERY and MORE. Check out the online hub.

Breading Bread Now

Second one is Vancouver Coffee Snob.

It's a coffee review website (also on social media) and it has put together a list of local Vancouver coffee shops that offer pickup and delivery services and gift cards or e-Gift cards. Check out the list.



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