Introducing Google’s New Ad Format: Gallery Ads

At Google’s recent keynote, the technology powerhouse introduced a new Google Ads ad format that will drastically improve the performance of mobile advertising: Gallery Ads.

Gallery ads are interactive mobile ads that show carousel images. The layout is similar to Facebook and Instagram ads.

At the top of the carousel ad, you can add a headline and display URL, similar to other text ads. More, at the bottom of each carousel image, you can add a tagline to describe your product or service or special promotion.

Gallery ads allow you to add minimum of four images and a maximum of eight images and the 70 characters for each tagline.

More, you can write three different headlines (above the carousel images) for split-testing by offering three different value propositions.


According to Google’s test so far, gallery ads generate 25% more engagement (clicks and swipes) than standard text ads.

For consumer brands or retailers, the introduction of Gallery Ads will significantly help them showcase the value and features of their product or service. Instead of writing a description of why a person should visit Hawaii this summer or why a shopper should buy Nike’s latest shoes, brands can use images to illustrate the beauty and utility of their product or service.

As a retailer or brand, you should be an early adopter for this new ad format gallery ads become the norm and brands or retailers do not have a competitive advantage for using gallery ads.

If you have any questions about gallery ads or want help with setting up gallery ads for your Google campaign, please send us an email at or submit a form.

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