How to Gain Data Insights Using Sort Feature in Microsoft Excel

Ray Wang

Microsoft Excel is a handy and effective for data analytics. One of its top functionalities is sort which lets you sort data from largest or smallest, smallest to largest, or other conditions, to help you extract useful information.

For example, you can use sort to see which Google Ads campaigns have the most number of clicks and highest click-through rate (CTR). Conversely, you can sort and see which campaigns have lowest number of clicks and CTR. Gaining this information helps you decide how you want to adjust the campaigns (e.g. pause certain campaigns or allocate budgets accordingly).

To sort data, first select your entire dataset and turn it into a table by clicking on Home, select Format as a Table, and choose a table format.

Microsoft Excel Table - 1

Then, check the box “My table has headers

Microsoft Excel - 2

Click anywhere on the table and click on Data and Sort.

Microsoft Excel Table

Once you have clicked on Sort, a dialog will appear and you can choose conditions on how you want to filter the data.

To add conditions, click on the + button at the bottom left of the dialog.

There you have it - a simple way to sort data from largest to small, vice versa, or based on other conditions. This analytics approach help you visually understand how different digital ad campaigns are performing and whether you need to make adjustments to the campaigns.

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