Google My Business Unveils New Performance Reports

Google is now rolling out new performance reports within the Google My Business Insights section. These new reports have been a long time coming, with hints of it back in August and then again last month. But now, these reports are live for you to access and test out.

To access the reports, log in to your Google My Business profile, and click “Insights.” At the top of the page, you may see a message that reads, “Your insights are moving.”

Google My Business

Then when you click on “See new profile performance,” you’ll see a screen that looks like this.

Google My Business Performance Metrics

he metrics given here show you the number of calls and messages you get within a 6-month timeframe. Google also plots the data by month. Below that, it also shows you the search term used for searchers to find your Google business listing in Google Search and Google Maps.

The new Insights report does not include metrics such as website clicks and driving directions initiated. It also does not show you if searchers found you on Google Search versus Google Maps, as the current Google Insights report does. The reports also do not display the photo views, quality of those photos, and other metrics previously available in the older performance reporting.

Google has a new help document on these changes.

The positive is that these new reports give you 6 months of data, which is twice as long as the 3 months of data we received previously. But it’s missing key data points, as mentioned above.

This seems like an early release, and we hope when it comes time for Google to replace the insights report with the performance report, all the data points are migrated over to the new platform.

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