Finally, Instagram Brings DMs To The Web Version!

Instagram has released its Direct Messaging (DM) capability on its web version for some users. These users can test out the feature on their desktops and send messages, videos, or other types of content as they would on the mobile app version.

Instagram Direct Messaging Web Version

Instagram Direct Messaging

While this web feature hasn’t been rolled out to all Instagram users, it’s exciting news nevertheless especially for businesses use Instagram DM frequently as a channel to reply to customer inquiries or reach out to Instagram users for collaboration opportunities or advertise promotions.

Instagram DM’s web version will enable business owners and marketers to send or reply to messages easily on their desktop or laptop without the hassle of going back and forth on their mobile devices and desktops to manage their Instagram accounts.

Hopefully, Instagram will soon release a feature that lets users to post content directly on the web version so business owners and marketers can manage all their Instagram and social media content on their desktops or laptops directly.

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