Facebook's New Logo Is Now Here

Facebook released its new logo today to represent the parent company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other organizations.

The logo is a word mark simply says “Facebook”. The font type is custom sans-serif font type and is minimalistic.

According to Facebook, the new logo uses custom typography and is “designed for clarity,” with the objective of cultivating a “visual distinction between the company and app”.

Facebook New Logo

Facebook has released a GIF version of its new logo which shows the word mark displaying different colours for different brands that Facebook owns. For example, blue is for Facebook, green is for WhatsApp, pink is for Instagram, etc.

It’s expected that Facebook will roll out the new logo on all Facebook products and marketing materials in the coming weeks.

Facebook says that the purpose of the new logo is to let users know that its apps have “shared infrastructure” and use the same teams.

According to Antonio Lucio, Facebook’s Chief Marketing Officer, “people should know which companies make the products they use.”

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