Facebook Introduce 4 New Features for Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses And What They Mean To You

Facebook has unveiled four new features for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB) on the platform: automated ads, appointments, new video creative tools and new Blueprint training courses.

1. Automated Ads

This new feature lets advertisers fill in campaign details about answering a few questions prompted by Facebook such as “3 categories that describe your business” and “how would you prefer to communicate with customers?”. Once the questions have been answered and information has been filled, Facebook will setup a complete Facebook ad campaign for you which includes ad copy, carousel banners, and graphics. Neat!

FB SMB Automated Ads

2. Appointments

Service businesses such as salons or barbershops can now use Facebook pages and Instagram accounts can now accept and manage appointments and customer information and send reminders via their smartphones.

Facebook Appointments

3. Video Creative Tools

Facebook has released new video creative tools that let SMBs create videos using their mobile devices easily within a few minutes. More, Facebook has rolled out a new automatic cropping feature that lets you crop non-vertical videos to any aspect ratio at the push of a button. Facebook has also added trimming feature and a text overlay tool that let video creators shorten the length of a video easily and add image or text elements to a video. These feature let you film simple video easily simply using your phone.

4. Blueprint Training Courses

Facebook has come up with new training courses for using Facebook advertising so business owners who do not have extensive marketing backgrounds can still run successful Facebook ad campaigns and achieve the results they are look for.

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