8 Consumer Insights Every Canadian Retailer Should Know

This is a challenging time for retailers. With the pandemic sweeping across nations, many retailers are forced to temporary or permanently close, reduce staff, or make other tough decisions.

While the pandemic has created challenges for retailers, it has accelerated the innovation or adoption of eCommerce and digital marketing.

For example, automotive dealerships were actively promoting its online shopping features during the pandemic where auto shoppers could book a mobile test drives online, test drive vehicles for a few days, and purchase vehicles online via dealership websites. The entire auto shopping journey could be completed online and customers wouldn’t need to step a foot in a dealership. While many of these features were available prior to the pandemic, many automotive dealerships weren’t leveraging them proactively.

Restaurants have also turned to eCommerce and digital marketing during the pandemic to gain customers by actively promoting their online ordering and in-store or curbside pickup services since customers couldn’t or didn’t want to dine in at restaurants.

Although it’s still early to determine if the new digital shopping behaviours will last as economies re-open, it’s safe to stay that many customers have realized that they can complete most of their shopping online at their comfort of their own homes.

As a retailer, it’s important for you to understand the changes in the current dynamic environment and how you can respond to these changes.

As you explore this blog post, you’ll learn about new changes in mobile shopping and Internet usage that will shift your business model.

1. Significant Growth In Internet Usage and Mobile Apps Usage

75% of Canadians between ages 15 – 49 reports that they spent more time on the Internet between March 29 – April 3, 2020.

2. Significant Growth In Mobile App Usage

Consumers across the globe are downloading and spending 20% more time using apps than they did a year ago.

3. Consumers Are Searching for Information that Meets their Immediate Needs

Searches for “curbside pickup” have grown by 70% and searches for “home delivery” have grown over 100%.

60% of Canadian consumers searched online for “what’s open near me”.

4. Consumers Are Searching for Convenient Services

23% of surveyed shoppers in Canada went online to purchase something they would normally buy in-store.
Searches for “groceries delivery slots” have grown globally by over 300% from the week of April 4 to the week of April 11.

5. Canadian Shoppers Are Doing More Shopping For Their Homes

37% of Canadian shoppers say that they are shopping for their home, now that they’re spending more time there.

6. Canadian Shoppers Are Doing More Shopping For Post-Pandemic

35% of Canadian shoppers say that they are shopping for items they want or need for after COVID-19

7. Shoppers increasingly care about loyalty and customer service programs

77% of surveyed U.S. consumers say that how companies or brands act now will affect their future loyalty. In these changing times, being flexible with cancellations, refunds, and customer service can go a long way toward building customer trust.

8. Shoppers increasingly care about community engagement

33% of consumers globally started using a new brand because of the innovative or compassionate way they responded to the pandemic

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