7 Reasons Why You Aren't Seeing Your Google Search Ads

1. Ad Location

You may not see your search ads on Google Search Results Page (SERP) because your current location isn’t in the targeted areas selected in the campaign setting.

For example, if your ads location setting has specified to target Vancouver and Burnaby and you perform a Google search in Langley using related search query, you won’t see your ad.

Make sure you’re in the targeted location that you’ve selected in your campaign setting or use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool for simulation.

2. Paused or deactivated ads

Check in your Google Ads account to make sure that your campaigns aren’t inactive and are in fact running.

Google Ads Display Campaign

3. Too Many Branded Searches And Too Few Clicks

If you keep on searching for your company name on Google and see your search ads but don’t click on them, you may stop seeing your ads for awhile. This is likely due to Google thinking that the search ads aren’t relevant to you.

4. Billing Errors

If your credit card is expired, limit has been maxed out, or cancelled due to fraudulent activities, Google won’t be able to process payments and will deactivate your campaigns.

Check the Billing & Payment section to see if the payment method is correct

5. Depleted or Limited Budget

If the amount you have spent on your Google Ads has reached your daily or monthly budget, your ads won’t run.

6. Disapproved Ads or Ads Under Review

Your ads will be disapproved and not run if the ads violate Google’s advertising policies. Policies include prohibiting the sale of dangerous products or services and counterfeit goods.

Fix your ad content to meet Google’s ad policies so your ads can be approved and served on Google search results.

If you just set up your Google ads campaign, Google will need to review the ad content first prior to approving the ads. The review process may take up to 48 hours.

7. Bidding

Google uses a bidding system where advertisers who place the highest bid (cost-per-click) are generally shown higher on search results in the ads section. If you bid lower than the amount other advertisers bid, your ads may not appear on search results. More, your ads may appear at the bottom of search results on the first page or on the second page of search results.

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