69% Of Website Content Isn’t Seen By Customers And Prospects, Study Finds

A recent research conducted by Contentsquare indicates that 69% of all website content isn’t seen by online users.

The research was 12 months long based on 400 global websites in nine different verticals.

According to the research, earned or organic traffic represents approximately 65% of all website visits.

The research attributes this to “brand familiarity, repeat visits for regular purchases, and good brand awareness.” Financial services had the most organic or free traffic (80%), while travel saw the most paid visits (49%).

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Desktop VS Mobile Traffic

The Contensquare report also says that on average, 55% of site visits come from smartphones. When tablets are included, the total non-desktop traffic percentage is approximately 60%. This is consistent with earlier research from Hitwise (2016, 2019), indicating that the mobile-desktop split is roughly around 60/40.

Individual verticals, however, are more dynamic. The industry with the highest percentage of mobile traffic according to Contensquare is luxury goods (67%), followed by apparel and beauty (66%). Financial services had the lowest percentage of mobile traffic (39%).


Average Page Load Time

The average page load time is 2.4 seconds. Contentsquare reaffirms the hypothesis that slower loading sites see fewer engagement or abandonment, especially on mobile. According to the report, there’s “a direct correlation between loading time and the number of pages viewed per session – 20% longer loading time means 20% fewer pages viewed.”

More, Contentsquare discovered that the majority of website content was “unseen.” Almost 70% of all content across different industries weren’t seen by potential customers. This was particularly acute in financial services, beauty, energy and automotive industries.

Percentage of content not seen

For businesses, the major takeaways from the research are that businesses need to improve their website pagespeed so users are more likely to stay on websites, consume content, or make a purchase.

More, businesses need to utilize digital advertising tactics such as SEO, social media, or Google Ads to push their content to the right audiences so the audiences can become prospects and ideally customers. If nearly 70% of website content isn’t being seen by prospects or customers, businesses are wasting their money developing the content and missing out on grand opportunities to generate more customers!

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