5 Tips For Managing Your Google Ads Campaigns During COVID-19

1. Don’t use COVID-19 or virus-related keywords

Google has banned all campaigns that bid on the keyword “COVID-19” or use “COVID-19” in their ad copy. Hence, you shouldn’t use the keyword.

More, you should prevent using words that have double meanings and are relevant to the crisis. Examples include “protection,” “checkup,” “prevention,” and “virus”.

2. Include Stock Availability or Shipping or Pick-Up Services In Your Ad Copy

Let your shoppers know the availability and the maximum number of items allowed per transaction in your ad copy. More, let them know whether you offer delivery or pick-up services such as in-store or curb-side pickup. This information is useful and helps your shoppers decide if they want to click on your ad and possibly purchase from your store.

3. Ensure Your Image Assets Align With Social Distancing

If you’re using pictures that show group gathering or close human interactions for your display banners, consider switching them to images that embody social distancing.

4. Update Your Google My Business Listing

If your hours operations have changed or if your business has temporarily closed, update your Google My Business (GMB) listing accordingly to let your customers know your updated hours or that you’ve closed. Many shoppers now are performing question-based queries to find out the hours of operation of grocery or department stores near them. For example, many shoppers are entering the search query “Is Target open today near me?” to find out whether the Target nearby them is open currently.

By updating your GMB listing to reflect your current business operation hours, you’ll help your customers find the information they need.

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5. Pause Ad Groups or Campaigns If Needed

Pause certain ad groups or campaigns if there’s a lack of demand for the product or service you offer or if you’re running low on specific inventory. Pausing these campaigns or ad groups will prevent you from using your ad budget ineffectively and prevent your customers from clicking on an ad only to find out that the product or service they want to purchase is sold out.

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