How to install the LinkedIn Insight Tag with Google Tag Manager

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a lightweight tag that enables conversion tracking, website audiences, and website demographics for LinkedIn ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Insight Tag should be implemented on your website to collect data from your LinkedIn campaigns.

To add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website using your Google Tag Manager, use the following five steps:

1. Sign in to Campaign Manager and select the correct account name.

2. Move your cursor over the Account Assets tab in the top navigation bar and select Insight Tag from the dropdown.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

3. Click on See My Insight Tag, select I will use a tag manager, and copy your partner ID.
LinkedIn Insight Tag - 2

LinkedIn Insight Tag - 3

4. Go to your Google Tag Manager account and click on Tags, select LinkedIn Insight, and enter your partner ID

5. Select All Pages as the trigger

LinkedIn Insight Tag - 6

Once you have setup LinkedIn Insight Tag, you can track conversions or event tracking (e.g. button clicks) directly in your LinkedIn campaign manager. We’ll save how to set up LinkedIn conversion or event tracking for another day!

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