5 New Google Sheets Features Business Professional Should Know

Google Sheets has emerged as an effective tool for data cleaning and analysis. The Google-powered spreadsheet allows users to use built-in functions to extract insights such as day of the week that users are likely to convert on a website or the median amongst a distribution of numbers. You can use these insights to improve the efficiency of your digital marketing campaigns.

Google Sheets has recently released several new analytics and data cleaning features – here are five you must know:

1. Trim Whitespace

The trim space feature lets you delete additional space at the end of a cell. Use this tool to ensure that your data or information is clean and aren’t including unnecessary space. For example, if you use Google Sheets to draft up ad copy for Google Ads search campaigns, you can use trim space to ensure cells that contain the ad copy don’t include additional space.

To use trim space, select a cell and go to Data and click on Trim Whitespace. Once clicked, Trim Whitespace will perform its magic.

Google Sheets Trim Whitespace

2. Remove Duplicates

If you are building a database in Google Sheets of prospects or leads, you may encounter the issue of creating duplicate contact info. Google Sheets has developed an easy solution for this issue by rolling out a Remove Duplicates feature.

This feature is incredibly simple to use. Simply select a table or specific columns and hover your cursor to Data and select Remove Duplicates. Then, select a column you want to analyze.

Google Sheets Remove Duplicates

Once selected, Google Sheets will remove rows that contain duplicated cells.

Google Sheets Remove Duplicates

3. Version History

You can now see version history and restore versions from a specific time. This feature allows you to restore backup of previous content.

To access edit history, go to FileVersion History, and See Version History.

Google Sheets Version History

Then, select a time of the day that you want to restore the version history.

4. Protect a sheet or range

If you don’t want to people to edit content in a spreadsheet, you can set restrictions to limit who’s able to edit the content.

To do so, simply select cells you don’t want people to edit, right click your mouse, and select Protect Range, Then, enter emails of users who can edit the cells.

Google Sheets Protect Range

5. Download charts as vector graphics from Google Sheets

You can download charts as scalable vector graphics, also known as SVG. SVG is the ideal image format for website content and graphic design because this image format guarantees high resolution. For example, web designers use SVG file format for logos on websites because the logos will always appear “crisp” on desktop or mobile devices.

To download a chart as SVG, hover your cursor over the icon at the top right of the image, click on Download and select Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg).

Google Sheets Scalable Vector Graphics

Once you have the downloaded the graphics, you can use the graphics for your website, presentations, and other marketing materials.

Google Sheets has emerged as a quick and easy tool to use for data analysis , data cleaning, and in some ways, design. Business professionals can easily import data from external sources such as Google Ads and Google Analytics into Google Sheets and perform data analysis in Google Sheets to gain actionable insights. If you have any questions about the article, please submit a form below

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