5 Ways Machine Learning Is Improving Digital Marketing

Digital advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads use face recognition to identify users, track their activities and locations, and discover people with similar appearances. This technology helps advertising platforms to gain a better understanding of users’ brand preferences, lifestyles, and other vital information that helps ad platforms serve more relevant ads to online users.

Here are three effective uses of face recognition for digital marketing:

1. Identity verification

Facial Recognition Identity

If you have created a Facebook and/or Instagram account and uploaded pictures of yourself on the social media platforms, chances are that Facebook and Google have verified your identification and know who you are (gasp!).

Face recognition technology is how Facebook can recommend who you should tag in photos when you upload a group photo onto Facebook. Facebook has already identified the other people in the photo’s identities and can confidently suggest Facebook usernames when recommending who to tag in a photo.

Advertisers benefit from face recognition technology because the technology can identify who the users and their friends are and their lifestyles so advertisers can serve relevant ads to these individuals.

2. Organizing raw photo libraries by person

Group Photo Face Recognition

Once advertising platforms’ face recognition technology identifies who you are, the platforms can recognize you in photos or videos uploaded onto social media by others, similar to the aforementioned. Once ad platforms have recognized you, they can create a library of photos or videos that contain you and use the content to better understand your interests, locations, and lifestyles. Advertisers can then use this information to serve targeted ads to you.

3. Finding people with similar appearances

Facial Recognition Appearance

Face recognition technology can find people with similar appearances by comparing their facial features. For example, face recognition technology can compare the distance between people’s eyes and the vertical of peoples’ noses and determine the similarity between them.

Identifying people with similar appearances can help advertising platforms determine if people with similar appearances are more likely to purchase a similar product or service such as cosmetics or apparel. If there’s an association, ad platform can serve related digital ads to this group of people.

Face recognition technology has enhanced digital advertising platforms’ abilities to understand their users, their lifestyles, and preferences. This improved understanding of users helps digital ad platforms find more related audiences for advertisers and serve targeted ads to these audiences.

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