4 Out Of 5 Canadians Don't Want Brands To Stop Advertising

Approximately 82% of Canadians want brands to continue to advertise, according to a recent survey by Corus, Canadian media company. 56% of survey respondents want the advertising messages to showcase how brands are helping during the crisis and 50% of respondents want companies to let them know how shoppers can still access the companies’ products or services.

The survey was completed in the last few days of March and surveyed over 1,000 Canadians.

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The survey also shows that some Canadians are still thinking about making larger purchases imminently or when things are back to normal.

  • 27% have a major purchase in their mind 
  • 19% say they plan to make a large purchase once things return to normal 
  • 8% say they are looking at a large purchase soon
  • The biggest intended purchase category is auto at approximately 30%
  • Appliances and home renovation purchases are close behind at 28% each
  • For purchases that Canadians anticipate making when their routines return, clothing is at the top of the list with 40%

For businesses that have seized their marketing completely, they may consider running digital or social media marketing campaigns and promote activities their organizations are engaging in to help the crisis and products or services they’re still offering. For example, automotive dealerships can run digital marketing campaigns to let car shoppers know that they offer virtual meetings and digital walk-throughs of vehicles and their showrooms.

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