4 Local Search Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Local SEO​

Local search marketing, or local SEO, is a digital marketing approach to promote a local business’ search ranking for local queries such as “coffee shop near me” or “Richmond sushi restaurants” on search engines.

Local SEO is integral for local businesses because a majority of consumers today start their shopping journey at a mobile search. According to Think with Google, 65% of Canadian holiday shoppers who visited a store turned to online search before going in-store. More, 86% of Canadian shoppers said they will go to the store to buy when that store has an item they need or want immediately – this is why shoppers are using search queries such as “bars near me” or “restaurants near me” to find products or services.

To optimize your listing and local SEO, here are four strategies you should use:

1.  Solicit reviews, reviews, and reviews 

According to industry research, Google reviews contribute to nearly one-tenth of a business’ ranking on local SEO.  This means is that more positive Google reviews you have (four or five star reviews), the higher you’ll rank for local search results for relevant and geo-targeted keywords. 

Gaining Google reviews consistently are particularly crucial for businesses in competitive industries such as automotive dealerships or restaurants or service-based businesses such as spa or salons because they serve local markets solely so they need to capture as much foot and website traffic and brand exposure from local shoppers as much as possible.

To solicit reviews, you can send a thank-you email after a service has been performed or a product has been sold and request for a Google review or ask your customers in-person to for reviews. 

2.  Publish Google My Business Posts

In your Google My Business account, there is a Posts section where you can publish posts about the following:

Special offers with a coupon code. You can publish a post about a special discount for a product or service and set a time for the promotion alongside a coupon code that shoppers can redeem online to take advantage of the offer. The special offer can help you attract prospective shoppers to visit your store!

Products or services. You can list products or services you offer in a post so shoppers can learn about the products or services’ pricing and details when they enter relevant search queries in Google, visit product or service pages on your website by clicking on the post, or visit your physical store to see the products or services for themselves after viewing the post!

Events. You can post an event you are hosting so prospects who may be interested in the event can learn about the details when they enter relevant search queries and your post appears on Google search results and attend the event. 

General. You can post general posts using text and an image to engage with your target audience by publishing news related to your industry, business, or anything in between! 🙂

The four types of post above are excellent tactics to gain brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, store and event because the posts only appear when shoppers enter relevant search queries. This means that your posts will only appear in front of quality, prospective customers who are looking for products or service or brands they are related to your business and potentially turn them into customers.

3.    Include Primary Category and Additional Categories

 In the Info section of your Google My Business page, you can add different categories your business is under. There’s a primary category you must fill. Example: car dealer. You can also add additional categories such as “car detailing service” and “used car dealer”. Including a primary category and additional categories help your business rank for different business categories and capture different audiences.

4.   Include Service Areas

Service areas refer to physical areas you provide your service to. For example, if you are a restaurant and you provide delivery to all cities in Greater Vancouver, you can list that you provide delivery services to Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, etc. Including service areas will help your local business rank for different geo-targeted keywords such as “Vancouver Chinese restaurant” or “Coquitlam pizza”.

There you have it – four simple local search marketing strategies to optimize your local SEO

If you are interested in learning more about different strategies and tactics you can use to optimize your local business or if you want an in-depth audit and data analysis of your Google My Business account, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form below.

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