3 Ways to Utilize TikTok for Your Business in 2020

With over 800 million users worldwide, TikTok is a great tool for getting your business on people’s screens and in their minds. But before you invest your time into creating content, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the information you need. Read on for everything you’ll want to know before making TikTok your next marketing move.


TikTok is a social media platform used for sharing short videos, usually ranging from 15 seconds to one minute long. Like many other platforms, users can like and share pieces they enjoy, or even create a “duet,” in which they record a reaction alongside the original post.

Founded in 2016 by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok quickly amassed billions of downloads and hundreds of millions of daily users. Its parent company is currently estimated to be worth over $110 billion. Clearly, big things are happening. But where does your company fit in?


Like many other social media platforms, TikTok allows you to register as a business account, which in turn allows you to purchase ad spots on users’ timelines. Mastering the app goes far beyond just paying your way into feeds, however. Although every day seems to bring about a new viral sensation, there is an art to taking your TikToks to the tip-top. Here are our three best tips:


Despite being dubbed the “hottest new social media platform,” TikTok may not be the right fit for every business. It is critical that you take a close look at your intended audience to determine whether or not they’re likely to engage with your new content.

Currently, 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16-24, although the adult population increased 5.5 times in under a year and a half. More than just the age of your potential viewers, you have to consider the viability of your content for a platform like TikTok. The nature of shorter-form videos may not be conducive to promotion of more complex products or services. And, if less engaging content is sandwiched between catchy dancing videos, your new marketing roll-out could disappear in a single swipe.


Another aspect that sets TikTok apart from social media platforms of old is its heavy use of a mysterious “algorithm.” Rather than opening up to a feed of friends that they know personally, users of the app are immediately brought to a “For You” page: an endless stream of videos curated with the sole purpose of keeping their attention.
The “For You” page can definitely work to the advantage of businesses. While brand accounts may not normally garner a huge following, videos can still make their way onto the screens of a large number of users. The key is playing to TikTok’s algorithm, proving to the powers that be that your content is clickable.

How to do this? Fortunately, TikTok has started to become more transparent about how to work the algorithm to your advantage. They pay close attention to what users are liking: whether it be hashtags, songs, locations, or lengths of videos. Then, they use that information to flood their phone with more appealing content. Simply put: if you want to reach your demographic, create what you think they’ll like. The more specific, the better.


TikTok has their fair share of trends, which sweep across the platform in a similar fashion to how “trending” Tweets take over your timeline. Although your more professional business may feel silly participating in the latest dance, lip-sync, or skit, this can be the key to getting your videos off the ground. Participation will make your videos more recommendable and easier to find. It will also help to humanize your brand!

Don’t shy away from creating your own trends, either. The interactive nature of TikTok allows for easy recreation or reaction to brand content. Companies like Chipotle have seen a huge influx of free online advertising after encouraging fans to share content related to original challenges.

It can always be scary to join a new platform, but as TikTok continues to grow, it may be the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. We hope that you can use these tips to quickly go from a new arrival to totally viral.

Julie Wang is the owner of Tiny Planet Digital, a Vancouver-based digital and social media marketing agency. Tiny Planet Digital specializes in crafting digital marketing strategies, designing detailed implementation, and executing these plans flawlessly in order to help their clients achieve your marketing goals. Please feel free to get in touch with Julie if you have any questions about the article, social media marketing, or anything in between!

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